Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We have a guest blogger today

Today's tool is being introduced by a middle school student who participates in her school's student tech team. I met her last month and we chatted about what got her involved in the group.  She shared her general interest in learning new things and specifically creating music with family. I suggested she check out Ujam. A couple of  weeks later I heard how she and her brother took a spelling list and turned it into a song. Of course she was proud that her brother aced his test as a result. Naturally, we think your students will get something of value out of today's tool.


  1. This is so much fun! Thank you, from the music crew at Tekoppel! I am always looking for recording tools to use with the kids and get them interested in music. This is great for all ages, the primary grades can do it with me as a group on the board, and the older kids can use the computer lab to make their own, and it's little easier than garageband or audacity which have more previous knowledge needed! My 3rd grade is doing school house rock, so I'm going to record them singing 3 is a Magic Number, and change the song around with this, for fun!