Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 27- LinoIt!

Today's challenge is LinoIt, a fantastic collaborative, organizational, and brainstorming tool. What I like about this tool is that it is simple, versatile and interactive. LinoIts can be embedded in blogs and websites or shared via URL. Also, LinoIt does not require a student login to participate. Finally, LinoIt can also be used on the iPad using the LinoIt App.

The basic idea is that each LinoIt canvas you create can be populated with customizable virtual sticky notes  upon which users include written content. Additionally, users can post pictures, video and other files to the canvas.

Here is a short video that gives a basic tour:

If you decide that you need a deeper tour, here is a link to a series of screencasts that can step you through all of the ins and outs.

Here are a couple of other links with ideas for using LinoIt in the classroom:

Free Tech 4 Teachers- LinoIt
Using LinoIt for Class Discussions
Student Collaboration with LinoIt
Practical LinoIt in the Classroom
Online Gallery Walk Using LinoIt

Today, rather than posting to the blog in the traditional sense, your task is to share how you think LinoIt could be used in your professional practice and/or classroom by adding your thoughts to the LinoIt below. NOTE: It is important that you include your name on your contribution so that we can give you credit for today's challenge:


Here is the link to the Full Board so you can see what you are doing! Sorry!