Friday, October 26, 2012

Pre-Challenge Warm-Up!

Before we Begin!!!

Thank you in advance for your active participation in the 30 Day Challenge!

  • In order to streamline the data collection for the 30-Day Challenge we ask that you post comments to the blog displaying your Full First and Last Name.  We ask this so that we can correctly track the comments for the drawings at the end of the challenge as it can become overwhelming.  
  • If you are participating from outside the EVSC, we also ask that you edit your profile to show your email address so that we can contact you directly if you win a prize.
  • The answer is ‘practical application.’ New comments will be judged strictly on whether or not they provide an idea for how you might use the tool with your students. If the comments do not meet this criteria, they will not get you in the drawing. And notice that I said ‘might.’ We certainly don’t expect that you would put each of these tools into practice in a few weeks and report on their use. All we ask is that you think about how you might use it, and share those ideas with us. Learn on!t! 

Thank You in Advance and Keep Blogging!

For those of you that do not have an account, check out our Blogger post from the last challenge on how to set up and use a blogger account.  Here is a screencast that shows how to change the display name in your profile once your account is created.


  1. I teach in the Indianapolis Public School system. Eager to learn some new things!

  2. This is a great challenge. I learn about a ton of new programs I can use within my class. Great Idea!