Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Guest Blogger - Adrienne Mayse

Our guest Blogger today is CODE teacher Adrienne Mayse.  Adrienne teaches English 9, Creative Writing, and Ethnic Literature at the Academy for Innovative Studies.  Please take a moment to thank her for her post and checkout her classroom website at


  1. I appreciate how relevant you make the work for your classes. It is so important to give them real-world experiences!

  2. I appreciate the authenticity of your site. The fact that you are brutally honest about your expectations of your students and their teacher is so powerful.

    "I may try some things that bomb -- so watch out. I may ask you to try some things I'm not an expert in -- so help me out. I may ask you to teach me." I love this, as I believe that students are rarely given the message that they can be teachers, too. I get excited every time I see a teacher recognize that we can no longer be the source of ALL knowledge in our classrooms. Your students must feel empowered, and that is so cool! They're lucky to have you! :-)