Friday, November 9, 2012

Guest Blogger - Kathy Walz

Our guest blogger today is CODE teacher Kathy Walz.

Kathy is a 3rd Grade teacher at Stringtown Elementary School.  Take a look at her classroom weebly website @  Make sure you check out her classroom web reporters link to see her kids blog posts.  Let's give Kathy a hand for her effort on today's post!


  1. Great site! I love all the information available to the families! Lots of details! I love the students' involvement as well.

    One element I have added to my site that parents appreciate is pictures - lots of pictures! In August, I get written permission to display each student's picture, and then when I catch them in the middle of all our cool projects, I grab my phone and take some pictures. Parents love seeing what goes on each day in our class.

  2. I LOVE the SuperKid Club!! What a cool idea to give students autonomy and motivation to work outside of required assignments. It's also a nice way to recognize natural curiosity. How fun!